Xbox introduces new Pulse Red Controller

Xbox Reveals New Pulse Red Controller

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New Addition to the Xbox Controllers

Xbox introduces new Pulse Red Controller

For its new Xbox Series X|S controller, Microsoft revealed three colour options back in November: Carbon Black, Robot White, and Shock Blue. Today, the brand revealed a new colour that in February is due to hit shelves.

In terms of functionality, the new Series X|S controller in Pulse Red is the same as the other Series X|S pads. That striking Pulse Red color is the only difference. You also have the hybrid D-pad, textured trigger and grip pattern, a Sharing button, and dynamic latency feedback that gives the Series X|S “controller inputs more frequently for a more responsive gaming experience.”

Like the other X|S Series controllers, the Pulse Red pad connects wirelessly via the built-in Xbox Wireless radio to the Series X|S and Xbox One, and via Bluetooth to Windows 10 PCs and Android smartphones.

In most markets, the Wireless Controller in Pulse Red will be available for purchase from February 9th for $64.99.

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