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What Exactly RTX 3080-Powered PC Shoes Are?

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Can You Wear Them?

RTX 3080 powered Sneaker PC from NZXT

Is it a PC-looking shoe? Or a little PC that just looks like a shoe? Or is it just an odd piece of ridiculously costly swag to put between your Assassin’s Creed statuette and the GTA coffee mug on your shelf? One could not say at first glance, and neither RTFKT-that is “Artifact” phonetically, by the way, nor NZXT were really helpful in clarifying.

On Twitter, the shoe device was initially teased as a kind of surprise for NZXT, although RTFKT later reported that there is a collaboration with the hardware manufacturer,  “empowering RTFKT and our creator community to create the future of fashion and collectibles, powering our vision, community and crazy ideas with their awesome builds and love of gaming.”

NZXT is a maker of hardware for the PC gaming industry that makes cases, parts, and accessories. For the best e-sports, gaming, and entertainment celebrities,  RTKFT creates “virtual and physical next-gen collectible sneakers for the best e-sports, gaming, and entertainment celebrities.

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