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Microsoft Hikes The Price of Xbox Live Gold

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Free-to-play games will also no longer require a Gold subscription

Price Hike in Microsoft Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft is changing its Xbox Live pricing and dropping the one-year subscription option as it reshuffles its online services, . The step, revealed on Friday in a blog post, will also see the tech giant boost the price of a one-month subscription by one dollar and a three-month subscription by $5, or the corresponding local cost.

Updated US pricing for new subscriptions: 

  • One month of Xbox Live Gold: $11, an increase of $1 
  • Three months of Xbox Live Gold: $30, an increase of $5
  • Six months of Xbox Live Gold: $60, an increase of $20

Microsoft claims that for anyone who already have a six- or 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription, there is “no price change” with membership extended at the “current price.”

Few stores have 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions already on sale for $60., including GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon. Costco has 24-month subscription cards available for $95 for Xbox Live Gold.

The latest pricing seems to be intended to force consumers to switch to the Ultimate Xbox Game Pass, which costs $15 a month. Game Pass Ultimate provides Xbox Live Gold, access to cloud computing for playing games on an Android phone or tablet, as well as the ability to play over 100 games on your Xbox, phone or PC, as Microsoft’s top gaming subscription service.

New Xbox Game Studio titles, including the upcoming Halo Infinite, are also included with GamePass.

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